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Clients hire us because of

Two Critical Differences

1- Academic & Experienced

Clients hire Toomaj not only for what he knows but because of his capabilities recommended by other well-known people in the market. Only a person with a proven record in marketing can become an expert consultant. However, if he has completed higher education in the field at the same time, the rate of his trial and error will reduce, and the precision of his future predictions will increase.

2- In-depth Awareness

A marketing consultant’s in-depth knowledge of different cultures and languages and experience of living and working in different continents and countries is something that brings the best out of a consultant. Suppose today you had the help of a marketing consultant who had studied in the field of IT- eCommerce and Marketing and had a good understanding of sociology and human behavioral biology, along with nearly two decades of continuous market experience. What was the biggest problem you wanted to discuss with him? Where was the first place you wanted Tom to help you with?

Time Duration


Almost the majority of marketing consultants hold their marketing sessions hourly. But the problem is that you usually need more than one hour of help. In many cases, when you have deadlines, you need to have your consultant for hours. This can be quite costly.

What we propose is sessions whose costs and time are set per-meeting. Each session can be 1 minute or 240 minutes. You and the importance of your question will determine the timing of these sessions.


Premium Clients


Since each consultation session is not limited to one hour, the opportunity to make progress is more than anytime else. You probably have questions to which you are looking for answers. It is our job to answer those questions. On the other hand, in many cases, you want your team to benefit from the necessary training. If you upgrade your consultation package to full-package, the Custom Presentations come with every session depending on your brand and business status. The time duration for the full-package will be 360 minutes.

On the other hand, the need for coaching to increase the effectiveness of counseling in each upgraded session is taken into account. Each of our sessions includes counseling, presentation, and coaching. That’s what we call a productive day.


+49 (0) 30 233 244 31
Mon-Sun: 8 AM – 6 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upgrade to to the premium package?

Upgrades are only available to clients who have at least one year contract. If you have at least a year contract and you want to upgrade to the premium package please send us an email or just call our office.

How can I book a free session?

We send a separate invoice for each Marketing Consulting Session. If you may be able to pay eight bills an advance, you will receive a 4 hours free session.

Are you open for business?

We do not serve Gambling, Porn, Tobacco, Alcohol, and especially Arms industries. As long as your business is not involved in those industries we are open for business!

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    Entry Level
    One session marketing & branding consulting to find the best strategies and helping you to develop the marketing plan.
    Full- Package
    One session marketing & branding consulting up to 360 minutes which comes with Custom Presentations, coaching & a full report of our suggested strategies.
    Angel Consultant
    You want it all but you cannot afford? We are all in, get the full-package + marketing plan & observations for 0 cash. Let's talk!

    *VAT is not inculded.
    +49 (0) 30 233 244 31
    Mon-Sun: 8 AM – 6 PM

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